Bahubali – Baahubali Live Updates

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Bahubali – Baahubali Live Updates

Bahubali – Baahubali Live Updates

Bahubali -_Baahubali_Live_Updates

Bahubali -_Baahubali_Live_Updates

Live Updates : Baahubali – –
Keep watching this space for the complete movie review of Baahubali.

Updated 03:40 AM
The film ended with a simple twist.

Updated 03:37 AM
The flash back has been ended and the film comes back to the present.

Updated 03:35 AM
The war comes to an end and Baahubali gives an emotional speech.

Updated 03:33 AM
VFX work of the war scene is top notch.

Updated 03:31 AM
Some epic war sequences featuring Amarendra Baahubali and Ballaladeva
are being showcased now.

Updated 03:29 AM
Its time for an item song ‘Irukkupo…….” with Nora Fatehi and Scarlett Wilson.

Updated 03:27 AM
Rajamouli surprises everyone with his special appearance on the screen.

Updated 03:25 AM
Some engaging scenes between Prabhas and Rana.

Updated 03:23 AM
Mamatala Talli song has just started.

Updated 03:21 AM
King of Mahishmathi “Amarendra Baahubali ” (Prabhas) is introduced.

Updated 03:19 AM
Ramya Krishna makes a re-entry.

Updated 03:17 AM
The movie enters the flash back zone.

Updated 03:15 AM
The twist in the tale has been revealed now.

Updated 03:12 AM
An enormous emotional scene is being showcased on the screen.

Updated 03:10 AM
A fighting scene between Sivudu and Adivisesh.

Updated 03:08 AM
An intense chariot chase scene is on now.

Updated 03:04 AM
Some tension scenes between Bhallala Deva and his Minister are running now.

Updated 03:00 AM
The movie enters into a serious zone.

Updated 02:55 AM
The movie has just started after the interval.


Updated 02:45 AM
An emotional story behind Bhallala Deva’s Statue is running now.

Updated 02:40 AM
Bhallala Deva pulls out the tusk of a dead elephant and uses it as a sword.

Updated 02:37 AM
Twist in the tale comes now…….

Updated 02:35 AM
A heavy duty snow storm is being showcased now.

Updated 02:33 AM
Adavisesh is seen as a relative of Bhallala Deva.

Updated 02:31 AM
Its time for another song ‘Paccha Bottesina……..’ Tamannah looks gorgeous as the regal princess

Updated 02:28 AM
Avanthika falls in love with Sivudu and gives him a tight hug.

Updated 02:25 AM
Avanthika aimed her sword against heart of Sivudu….

Updated 02:23 AM
First direct encounter of Avanthika and Sivudu.

Updated 02:23 AM
Anushka make her entry as Devasena. She is a slave in Ballala Deva’s Kingdom.

Updated 02:20 AM
Rana Daggupati makes an entry as Ballala Deva, with an amazing Bull fight.

Updated 02:18 AM
Mahishmati kingdom is being showcased now.

Updated 02:15 AM
Entry of Kannada Super Star Sudeep as Aslam Khan.

Updated 02:11 AM
Tamil Star Satya Raj makes as entry as Kattappa.

Updated 02:09 AM
Tanikella Bharani and Rohini introduced in a small village.

Updated 02:07 AM
Shivudu finds a mysterious mask on top of the mountain and starts imagining about a girl.

Updated 02:05 AM
Milky beauty Tamanna has been introduced with an imaginary song “Dheevara………”

Updated 02:00 AM
Heavy fighting sequence is on now…….

Updated 01:55 AM
Tamanna enters action scenes……

Updated 01:50 AM
He lifts the Shiva Idol, amazing scene.

Updated 01:47 AM
Shivudu working on his rock climbing skills.

Updated 01:43 AM
Huge applause and hungama by the fans in the theatre.

Updated 01:40 AM
Prabhas makes an entry as Shivudu with six pack body

Updated 01:35 AM
A huge water fall is being showcased now……

Updated 01:30 AM
Her first dialogue…… at peaks.

Updated 01:20 AM
Ramya Krishna has been introduced as Sivagami.

Updated 01:15 AM
The audience are in extreme anxiety.

Updated 01:10 AM
The Titles are rolling now……

Updated 01:00 AM
The film has just started.

Tollywoodreviews is bringing the Exclusive Live Updates of “Baahubali” for the audience. Enjoy them……

Baahubali Review and Rating will be updated soon…..

Storybase :

Prabhas and Rana played charecter of Baahubali, Shivudu and Bhallala Deva. First half of Baahubali The Beginning is little ful elements with romance. The interval bang is the highlight of this movie, action scenes are on its peak. Second half consists of heavy sentiment as Anushka (Devasena) enters on screen, Battle scenes are quite heavy in the second half. Finally, the climax of this movie ends with a good twist.

Highlights :

– Visuals – Visuals is the highest to this film, it shows a hollywood film.

– Fights – Fight scenes is looks like a hollywood look.

– Prabhas Performance and his fight scenes and expressions is good.

– Rana Daggubati as Bhallala Deva and gives their best.

– Anushka Shetty played as devasena and she gives her good performance.

– Ramya Krishna’s extraordinary performance which never seen it

– Mother sentiment Song

– Interval Bang

– Story

– Climax

Baahubali Review and Rating will be updated soon…..

Bahubali - Baahubali Live Updates
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Bahubali - Baahubali Live Updates
Bahubali - Baahubali Live Updates
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