Kanche Movie Review and Rating


Kanche Movie Review and Rating

Kanche Movie Review and Rating(3.25/5)



Kanche Movie Review and Rating


Kanche 2015 Movie is a Latest Film Which is Directed by Krish (Radha Krishna) and Producing by First Frame Entertainment of Sai Babu Jagarlamudi. Mega Actor Varun Tej and Pragya Jaiswal paired up in this film. Pragya is romancing with varun tej in tollywood with first entry. Kanche Movie Mp3/ Audio Songs was Composed by Chirantan Bhatt.


Kanche is set during the tragic times of world war II when nearly two lakh Indian soldiers fought the biggest war in history. The film depicts the story of Hari Babu(Varun Tej) who falls in love with Sita Devi, a rich princes(Pragya Jaiswal) from the upper caste.

Twist in the tale arises when their love is strongly opposed by Sita’s brother Eeshwar(Niketan Dheer). What will Hari Babu do now ? How will he solve his problems ? and how does he land himself in the prestigious war of all time ?

To know answers to these questions, you need to watch Kanche on the big screen.

Pluѕ Pоіntѕ:

One needs to credit director Krish for thinking something different and setting a Telugu film amidst the world war II. Varun Tej is amazing as Hari Babu and makes a stunning transformation from his debut film. The way he carries the entire film is pretty impressive. All those who had doubts about his acting capabilities need to watch Kanche to believe it. Varun looks dashing as the aggressive solider and at the same time is sober and lovable during the flash back episodes.

Kanche will be a turning point in Pragya’s film career. She looks stunning and should thank Krish for her big break. Pragya has amazing screen presence and is a star to watch out for. Niketan Dheer makes an impressive debut and suits his role perfectly. All his scenes with Varun have been designed well.

Visuals are top notch and credit should go to the camera department for depicting the war scenes in such a realistic manner. It is nice to see veteran actor Gollapudi in a key role. Srinivas Avasarla has been showcased humorously and he too, does a wonderful job. First half of the film is quite gripping with some interesting war and romantic scenes.

Minus points:

Kanche is one film which does not have any commercial angle. It is purely a film with single point agenda and flows on a very serious note. All those who are expecting pop corn entertainment or masala action will be disappointed big time. There are certain logics regarding the war front which go missing.

The story gets predictable and narration gets slow during the second half. After a point, the proceedings of war front and the way Hari Babu goes about his mission lacks the required intensity.

The high voltage emotions which are generally associated with Krish’s films are certainly missing in Kanche. There are no such particular moments in the film which are awe inspiring or make you feel ecstatic.

Technical Aspects:

As said earlier, Kanche has some top notch visuals. The flavor in the war scenes is of international standards. Credit should go to art director Sahi Suresh for depicting the film in a realistic way. The way he has lit up the sets, created weapons or transformed the village back in time, everything looks superb.

Editing is decent and so is the music. Background score needs a special mention as it elevates the film to a decent level. Dialogues and lyrics are top class and have been written with a lot of depth.

Coming to the director Krish, he has done a decent job and nicely sets the film in the war backdrop. His screenplay is impressive but he falters in evoking much intensity from the war zone part and slows the film down during the second half.

Final verdict:
Tollywood has become an industry which is no longer associated with only commercial entertainers. Films like Baahubali, Rudrama Devi and now Kanche, have pushed the boundaries beyond everyone’s expectations. Krish should be truly appreciated for attempting a film which takes Telugu films to another level. A realistic back drop, gripping visuals and stunning performance by Varun Tej are major assets. Barring the slow narration, Kanche is a film which is devoid of masala entertainment and should be given a shot for its daring and different attempt.

Live Updates:

11 :05 AM : Movie Completed with Good Note.
11 :01 AM: Climax fight. And Dupati Haribabu dies in it.
11: 00 AM : Movie come to an end with an unexpected and emotional note.
10:59 Am: The final battle makes Eeshwar realize the goodness of Hari Babu
10:52 AM: Back to 1944, Varun & team attacks German’s base.
10:50 AM: Pragya dies in a confrontation between Varun and Nikitin.
10:48 AM: Dasu (Srinivas Avasarala)’s Srinivasa Rao quotes are good fun in this slow war drama.
10:45 AM: Movie move towards emotional sequences Varun – Eeshwar fight for their pride
10:39 AM: In flashback, Varun marries Pragya at her home.
10:36 AM : Back to 30’s.Hari Babu (Varun Tej) revolts against the zamindars and keeps his promise.
10 :34 AM : Twist in the tale yet again and some scene featuring a massive fight is on
10:32 Am: A Twist is Here. Surprisingly, Hari Babu saves Eeshwar and officials from German team
10 :28 AM : Movie Shifted between 1936 & 1944
10 : 26 AM : It’s a 3rd Song
10:25 Am: “Nijamenani Nammani” is a soul full track sung by Shreya Ghoshal… Slows down the pace further.Cinematographer steals the show here. Some wat Less than 1st Half. Slowly Moving but good Screen Play.
10:19 Am: Premalo yuddham untundi, Prema yudham lane untundi: Hari Babu. (Varun).
10:17 Am: Castism crosses barriers in Devarakonda village.. And Hari Babu gets attacked by goons. 10: 15 AM: Twist in the Love Story. 10:12 Am: On the other side, seetha’s family gets to know about secret love affair..
10:05 Am: Post Interval, Hari Babu and team movie forward from point 5176.
1st Half Highlights : Photography,Backgroundscore,Dialogues,Performances Dialogues : Istam unte Roja Poovu ni Kostam… Prema unte Roja chettu ki neelu postam

Great concept,good direction,dialogues,photography and acting. All around balanced 1st half
9:58 AM: Interval. So far no dull moments. Krish made a gripping and clear screenplay. Stunning visuals.
9:50 AM: Movies going back and forth to 1944 and 1936. Showcasing the episodes between Varun, Pragya & Nikitin in 1936 and projecting Varun effort to resuce his team in 1944.
09:47 AM : Luckily Hari Babu (varun tej) and few survive the first attack.. Plans to ambush German army with the help of locals.
09 : 45 AM : Pragya Jaiswal looks gorgeous in the flashback episodes.
09 : 43 AM : Some Serious War Scenes are happening.. 09: 37 AM : Fight of involving Hari Babu (Varun) and Eeshwar (Nikitin Dheer).
09 : 34 AM : Eeshwar (Niketan Dheer) has also introduced as heroine’s Seetha brother.
09 : 32 AM : Its Time For 2nd Song..oru yeraindhi..Colorful.
09 :31 AM : Heroine and Scene Visuals Superb.
09:25 Am: Returns back to 1936 gets strangled by religious fight between the Villagers.
9:23 Am: Time to defend the territory.Germans attack through Ju 870 Planes and Tanks.First fight sequence involving Hari Babu (Varun) and Eeshwar (Nikitin Dheer).
09:20 AM : Parallel narration between village And War ground scenes are promisingly handled.
09:17 AM: 1936 ye kadhu 2036 ayina premikulu dakkoni dakkoni ye kalavali. : Haribabu..
09: 16 AM : High Voltage war Scenes Happening now. 09: 10 AM : War Visuals are Very Shot except some Scenes. Krish did a great job
09 : 05 AM : Movie Goes into 1930 09:01 AM : Time for the 1st song Yetu Tetu . Wait for Kanche Movie Review, Rating 08:58 AM : The movie heads into a flash back now. Pragya Jaiswal makes an entry as Seeta Devi.
08:52 AM : Some scenes related to world war 2 are on now.Varun Tej makes a simple entry
08: 52 AM : Started with Hitlar Speech 08: 51 AM : Movie Title Cards Started 08: 50 AM : Kanche Running Time : 126 Minutes 22 Seconds

Kanche Movie Review and Rating
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Kanche Movie Review and Rating
Kanche Movie Review and Rating
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