Pandaga Chesko Movie Review & Rating

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Pandaga Chesko Movie Review & Rating

Pandaga Chesko Movie Rating (3/5)

Pandaga Chesuko
The movie Pandaga Chesko is a romantic action entertainer movie in which Ram, Rakul Preeth Singh and Sonal Chauhan Were playing the lead roles along with Sai Kumar and Jagapathi Babu in other important roles.The movie is about a millionaire (Ram ) who earned a lot of money in foreign and returns back to meet his family.

The music for the film is composed by S.S Thaman which was released on May 1, 2015 and got good response from the audience.Along with the audio trailer was revealed by the team which took away number of views from Youtube.
Ram is back after a long gap with a family entertainer Pandaga Chesko. Directed by Gopichand Malineni,Raku Preeet singh pairs with Ram. The film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.



Karthik(Ram) is a rich business man who lives in Portugal along with his family. He is a broad minded person who does not believe in sentiments and gets engaged to a rich woman (Sonal Chauhan) just for the sake of his business growth.

Karthik comes to know about a tragic story about his mom and her family who stays in india, who are no longer in talk with each other

Karthik decides to reunite his family and reaches India. Twist comesup when Karthik falls in love with Divya(Rakul Preet). How Karthik Reunite their family? Whom will he marry?That forms the rest of the story.

Pluѕ Pоіntѕ:

Ram looks energetic and handsome as an NRI on the screen and acted well in his role.He is good with his dances. He shared a sizzking chemistry with both the heroines. Pandaga chesko is full on Glamour and appeal. Both Sonal Chauhan and Rakul look gorgeous and are treat for all types of audience.

Sonal Chauhan is pretty good as an business women, and Rakul plays the sweet bubbly girl role.Brahmanandam’s comedy is the biggest asset and will be the major selling point of the film.He is good as Weekend Venkat Rao and brings decent laughs with his character.

First half of the film is good. Second half combines with family episodes. The episodes are handled well.Songs have been shot nicely and both Vennela Kishore and Sampath are good in their respective roles. Prithvi and Shakalaka Shankar are good as Vijayawada brothers.

Minus points:

Tollywood film makers dont like to leave this safe and successful formaul of family entertainers.pandaga chesuko reminds of many hit movies from past. The same story line have been seen in many movies.Pandaga Chesko also suffers from lack of emotional depth. The emotions showcased are hurriedupp and comes one after the other.Every audience can guess the story easily after certail point o ftime.There are many characters which lack justification. Sonali Chauhan’s role ended up on a silly note.

Except for Brahmanandam’s comedy, there is nothing much interesting going in the second half. Abhimanyu Singh and his character looks foolish and off tracks the film a bit.

Final Analysis:
On the whole , Pandaga chesko will a slight breather in his career. Ram’s performance, Rakul and Sonal Chauhan’s glamour and brahmanandams comedy are main assets of the movie.Its a mixture of all past stories and one cannot excited while watching the movie.If you go in well prepared and forget the logics and predictable nature of the film, you might end up liking this routine comedy entertainer.

Pandaga Chesko Movie Review & Rating
Article Name
Pandaga Chesko Movie Review & Rating
Pandaga Chesko Movie Review & Rating

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  1. admin May 29, 2015 at 8:14 am - 

    waiting for movie review

  2. Shriram May 29, 2015 at 9:28 am - 

    Average movie.. yedho comedy gurinchi chudali anthe..

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