Sankarabharanam Movie Review and Rating


Sankarabharanam Movie Review and Rating(2./5)

Sankarabharanam Movie Review and Rating

Sankarabharanam Movie Review and Rating

Sankarabharanam Movie Review and Rating

Nikhil’s upcoming movie Shankarabharanam is going to hit the theatres today across the world. This crime comedy thriller is based on a Hindi film Phas Gaye Re Obama directed by Subhash Kapoor. The movie is directed by a debutante Uday Nandanavanam and is written by Kona Venkat. Nikhil will be seen playing the lead role while Nanditha is pairing up with him for the first time.

Shankarabharanam faced so much delay in its release. It was supposed to be released in the Diwali week but was postponed as Akhil was releasing that week. The makers finally decided to release the movie on December 4th, 2015. The movie is made with a budget of 6Cr.

Gautam(Nikhil) is an American Indian who leads a carefree life. One fine day, he finds out that his dad(Suman) is bankrupt and has heavy debts. Left with no choice, Gautam’s mother decides to sell off her ancestral palace in Bihar and assigns this task to Gautham.

Gautam lands in Bihar only to know that his ancestral palace is occupied by his huge extended family. A disappointed Gautam, makes a plan to sell off the palace, and exactly when he is about to close the deal, he gets kidnapped by a notorious criminal gang.

What will Gautam do now ? How will he escape this deadly Kidnapping ? and How will he solve all his financial problems ? That forms the rest of the story.

Pluѕ Pоіntѕ:

Even though this film is a loose remake of the Bollywood film Phas Gaya Re Obama, the way Kona Venkat has set it in Tollywood standards is quite good. Nikhil looks apt as an NRI and does his role with a lot of sincerity. He has worked hard on the American accent and manages to pull it off decently.

Nanditha is ok in her role and ably supports Nikhil. But the real star of the film is 30 years industry Pruthvi, who evokes superb comedy in the film. All his one liners and his hilarious role of a cop is a huge plus for the film. Saptagiri also does a decent job and makes things lively during the first half.

Second half is where the actual story starts and has some decent moments. The comedy punches, entire episode featuring Sampath and Nikhil has been designed well during the climax. There are some fun elements here and there which keep you entertained at times.

Minus points:

Kona Venkat has clearly revealed in all his interviews that he has left the bakra kind of template in this film. But same is the case here too and the only difference here is that he makes a fool of too many gangs instead of one.

Anjali’s character has no weight and a star actress has been wasted in such a small role. After starting the proceedings on an impressive note, the feel of the film is missed completely during the first half. As said earlier, except for some histrionics from Saptagiri, the first half has nothing much to offer.

Also, there are various kidnapping episodes and money dealings which create a bit of a confusion at times. The makers have decided to showcase so many sub plots in the form of Kidnappings and cheating each other that you loose track of things after a point.

Technical Aspects:

Credit should go the cameraman for his splendid work. The way he has showcased the rustic locales of Bihar is quite brilliant. Also, the locations chosen and production values are pretty impressive. Music by is below average and could have been better.

Screenplay by Kona Venkat is below average as many scenes go haywire. Editing is ok but certain family scenes in the first half could have been avoided. Coming to the director Uday, he has done a below par job in the film. The concept and story was good but his narration and execution was pretty ordinary.

Final verdict:

On the whole, Shankarabharanam is good only in bits and pieces. A dragged out first half, slow narration and some below par execution of crucial scenes spoil the effect most of the time. Having said that, you try this film out only for its unique story line and Pruthvi’s comedy punches here and there.

Live Updates:

11:11am: Sampath Raj Patra’s re-entry brings some laughs.

10:59am: Anjali entry as dakhu rani munni.. , Ganta bajare song.. and Saptagiri few lines worked out well.

10:48am: Second half is running slow in kidnap back drop… No entertainment in second half.

10:27am: Prudvi entry as Percentage Parmesh brings few funny scenes…

10:15am: Second half started with ‘Darupiyo..’ Song with Sanjay Mishra and gang.

10:05am: Finally… its interval bang with regular kidnap episode.

9:57am: Nikhil and Raghu Babu Comedy scenes are going on.

9:47am: Movie is running in snail pace…and their is no comedy in Sankarabharanam 2015 Telugu Movie Review, Rating

9:43am: Second song of the movie, ‘Saddannam..’ is started in regular wedding backdrop.

9:32am: Nanditha and Sapthagiri love track is little funny in Sankarabharanam Telugu Movie Review, Rating

9:28am: Nanditha entry as happy takoor and Sapthagiri entry as Akshy Kumar in Sankarabharanam Telugu Movie Review, Rating

9:24am: Scene in Kidnap Batch backdrop are running slow.

9:21am: Nikhil lands in India.. Movie has shifted to Bihar.

9:19am: Sankarabharanam Telugu Movie Review, Rating took huge POSITIVE turn… with entry of Nikhil (Goutham).. Rock on party song picturization was just average..

9:11am: Sampath shown as home minister character.

9:06am: Sankarabharanam Movie kick starts in Bihar which has been showcased as a land of kidnappings…

9:00am: Sankarabharanam Movie Started with VV Vinayak voice over.

8:56am: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning Welcome to the Tweets Live updates of Sankarabharanam Movie.

Sankarabharanam Movie Review and Rating
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Sankarabharanam Movie Review and Rating
Sankarabharanam Movie Review and Rating
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